Sunday, December 24, 2006

Rudolph Giuliani to Guide Sleigh into Iowa

Now that Iowa has become a Blue State, Rudolph Giuliani’s red nose is flashing as he sets to guide his sleigh into Iowa next week and reach out to GOP activists. Despite his support of abortion rights and gay rights, Rudolph hopes the others will let him play in their political games.

In the picture above, Rudolph Giuliani is:

A) Daring the Christian Right to “Go ahead, pull my finger.”

B) Posing for a wax sculpture to be displayed at the Museum of Forgotten Republican Hopefuls*

C) Performing his “Dirty Harry” impersonation, warning potential smear tacticians, “Go ahead, make my day!”

D) Participating in a public confessional: “Got skeletons? Just ask Him!”

E) Other: please add response in comments

*The museum is currently closed for remodeling as curators update the 2000 John McCain wax sculpture.


Anonymous said...

In that photo...

Rudy was just getting started counting the number of extramarital affairs he had. He eventually ran out of fingers.