Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Following Christopher Big $ Tie-Rants (Take 1)

Rants can’t dance, but he’ll take your money…

Big Tobacco’s favorite Iowa prostitute and political mouthpiece, Christopher Rants (R-Sioux City), still opposes Governor-elect Chet Culver’s proposed buck-a-pack tax increase on cigarettes. As the upcoming legislative session looms for the dispossessed House Speaker, Rants has relied on humor as a coping device to deal with his minority leadership status, joking that Iowans will need the minimum wage increase promised by the Democrats just to pay for the pricier cigarettes.

Poor, poor, Christopher. Stick to what you do best: taking money from Big Tobacco and pretending it has no influence on your decision-making process. Denial is the first sign of political prostitution. Sure, the $60,000 you received from Big Tobacco in 2005 played absolutely no role in your staunch opposition to the tax hike, and I imagine you donated the money to your local adopt-a-minimum-wage-earner program, right?

Just think, your $60,000 donation could’ve helped fully finance 5.6 minimum-wage-earners' salaries in 2006.*

Meanwhile, to help finance a increase in the minimum wage, the Iowa Congress should consider putting a “bad joke” jar on the House floor, requiring members to make a $5.15 donation for every infraction. This should help pay for the minimum wage increase in no time, assuming a "tax on ignorance" isn’t levied by the GOP in the meantime.

*40 hours/week x $5.15/hour x 52 weeks


Anonymous said...

So Rants is accusing hard-working poor people of being smokers? Is that some sort of a botched joke? Was he really trying to take a shot at illegal immigrants and misspoke? He needs to apologize to the working poor immediately. We're waiting, Chris...