Tuesday, March 20, 2007

John McCain Wins ‘Fallout’s Third “Duh” Award

On the heels of Sen. John McCain’s resurrection of the “Straight Talk Express,” the former political maverick found himself, yet again, apologizing for his straight talkin’ ways. Now John, everybody knows that running for president means never having to say you’re sorry. Just ask the guy who beat you last time. Although, given the number of apologies that have already been dropped, this presidential campaign is shaping up to be one of the sorriest campaigns in political history. I’m sorry, I really shouldn’t have said “sorriest.” This is a sorry affront to the current administration. I should have used the word apologetic.

McCain’s two-headed monster, Dr. Maverick & Mr. Hyde, came rolling through Iowa this past weekend aboard the Straight Talking Panderin’ Mobile. While pandering to 500 Black Hawk County Republicans, Dr. Maverick paid homage to one of his GOP competitors, Mitt Romney, by dropping a “tar baby” bomb on his audience. Probably not the best context for Mr. Hyde to rear his sorry-ass head, considering Black Hawk County has one of the highest percentages of African-Americans in the state of Iowa.

So without further adieu, we would like to present to you the third winner of the Political Fallout “Duh” Award:

Winner: John McCain (alias Dr. Maverick & Mr. Hyde, The Straight Talkin’ Apologist)

“Duh, what were you thinking?”: For using “tar baby” to describe the invalidation of divorces: “For me to stand here before all these people and say I’m going to declare divorces invalid because someone feels they weren’t treated fairly in court, we are getting into a tar baby of enormous proportions,” McCain said. The roots of “tar baby” date back to McCain’s formative years in the 19th century, alluding to an African-American folktale that refers to a doll made of tar that traps Br’er Rabbit. Originally “tar baby” had been a way to describe a sticky situation or mess, but, like the word “fag” (British term for tedious or tiresome chore; cigarette) the term has taken on a more derogatory meaning -- in this case when used to describe an African American. The negative connotations of “tar baby” stemmed from the media’s exaggerated depictions and racist caricatures of African-Americans in print, film, and television. (see pic on right)

*Political Fallout has established the “Duh” Award, which will honor people, politicians, groups, political factions, or any other entity whose actions merit a “Duh, what were you thinking?” response from any member of the blogsphere community. Another factor that will be considered during the “Duh” Award vetting process is how the candidate responded to the controversy, especially if the nominee acts genuinely surprised. “Duh, what were you thinking?” has been adopted and trademarked by Political Fallout as one of its official catch phrases. Anyone who uses this phrase, without thoroughly compensating Political Fallout, will be served papers from the Political Fallout legal team, suing them for “unfair use." (“Duh, what were you thinking?”)