Friday, March 21, 2008

GOP Lawmakers Give ‘Selves ‘Time Out’

(Disclaimer: Above picture is a dramatization. Any likenesses to actual GOP lawmakers is merely coincidental and/or happenstance.)

In an attempt to stall a controversial vote to change Iowa’s collective bargaining laws for public employees, GOP senators gave themselves a “time out” and set themselves to their room. However, unlike Max in “Where the Wild Things Are,” they were not denied their supper. Iowa Independent’s Jay Wagner reports they ordered pizza from Pizza Hut last night and had access to their laptop computers, so they could watch March madness.

I wonder if “Time Outs” were on the table when they negotiated their employment contracts with the state of Iowa and Iowa voters?

Golly, I wish I could give myself a time out, order pizza and watch television on the taxpayer’s dime.


Anonymous said...

Love the site! Satire is always the best medicine.

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