Friday, January 12, 2007

Culver Has Tough Act to Follow


As Chet Culver takes the oath and officially takes over the reigns as Iowa’s Governor today, he’ll have a tough act to follow.

No, not Tom Vilsack’s eight year performance as Iowa Governor…

...but the Reverend Al Green’s high-octane soul performance at last night’s Inaugural event, “One Iowa Gala” at Hancher Auditorium in Iowa City.

The legendary gospel, soul, and rock ‘n’ roll performer stole the show, proving he can still hit the high notes and the low notes. The Reverend brought plenty of love to his stage performance, using his voice to woo audience members, myself included, into submission.

While trying to instill "love" in the audience, Rev. Al Green catches Rep. Steve King napping in the crowd.

Let’s hope Senator Mike Gronstal and Representative Patrick Murphy can hone these same skills when they’re wooing the Senate and House chambers for the votes needed to pass key legislation. While Al Green kept “taking us back,” the Democratic House needs to push Iowa forward.

Side Note: Iowa’s very own Tom Arnold emceed the event and attempted to be funny, but took the low road, primarily relying on fat jokes to bolster his comedic efforts.

In addition to the six fat jokes he made (only one was directed at himself), Arnold reminisced with the crowd about his past in Iowa City, reveling in his party daze and his menial job at McDonald's.

In between acts, Tom Arnold teases aspiring comedians/actors in the crowd, dangling his "secret to success" in front of an unamused audience.

And how/why is Tom Arnold still famous?

If you have any insight into Arnold's secret, please unveil your pearls of widom in the comments.


Anonymous said...

One word, Roseanne.