Saturday, January 13, 2007

Rep. Steve King Experiences “Spinal Tap” Miscalculation

In the film, “Spinal Tap,” band members make a major miscalculation when drawing up the plans (on a bar napkin) for a giant Stonehenge stage prop. They wanted the imitation Stonehenge lowered down on to the stage while singing their hit song, "Stonehenge." Unfortunately, a superfluous apostrophe shrinks the replicated monument from feet to inches, thus humiliating the band in front of their fans.

Meanwhile, Iowa’s Master of Political of Horror, Rep. Steve King, makes a similar miscalculation. While feeding his Mexican border fence fetish, King rebuked new government estimates which nails down the fence with a $49 billion price tag. “Why the Corps of Engineers would put out a number like this, I can’t comprehend,” he said. Citing the Congressional Budget Office’s estimate of $2 billion dollars, Rep. King failed to realize is that this estimate was based on the ACTUAL fence model King displayed on the House congressional floor.
Rep. Steve King unveils model section of proposed Mexican border fence. King Construction Company, now owned by Steve King's number-one son, placed a bid of $2 billion on the 700 foot model fence.
Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Ca and GOP presidential hopeful, echoed King’s rebuke of the government estimate: “It’s just a fence. It’s the kind of fence we build in every part of America every day.”

Everyfence: Hunter Duncan's example of the ubiquitous fence built in every part of America every day.

Rep. Duncan also claimed the government’s research service numbers were “pulled out of thin air by folks who were in the mindset of creating mission impossible.” One of "Mission Impossible's" creators, Tom Cruise, could not be reached for comment. He's currently being held captive at an undisclosed Scientologist compound. (see left)


Chris the Hippie said...

It hurts my head to think of Mr. King. I just can't do it.

I LOVE the title of your post!

Anonymous said...

Steve King...

"The horror, the horror..."

Anonymous said...

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