Sunday, January 7, 2007

Hillary Reveals She’s a Man Trapped in a Woman’s Body After All

Polarized Hillary Clinton detractors, whose manhood has been threatened by a woman with power, have often speculated about Hillary’s gender. Some of the more insidious of these folks have argued that Hillary is not a woman – but a man.

Recent evidence suggests Hillary IS a man, but not just any man; why she’s John Edwards, her potential '08 presidential rival.

For those of you who need hard evidence, click here:

Now that the evidence is on the table, it shouldn't be confusing who's who in the next presidential campaign.

John Kerry (left), Hillary Clinton (middle), and Bill Clinton (right) get a good laugh after Bill and Hillary let Kerry in on Hillary's little secret.


Robyn Elaine Serven said...

Not funny. In fact, it's on the bigoted side. You should remove it.

Anonymous said...

Bigoted against what or whom? Candidates who hijack other candidates web site domain names?

BTW, I thought it was funny.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anne t.

Hillary's campaign brought this type of thing upon themsleves.

Lighten up, Robyn Elaine Serven.

Anonymous said...


Hmmmmm...What Would Borat Do?

Anonymous said...

Since when is trying to steal/hijack somebody's name/identity a crime?

Anonymous said...

By the way, George, can I please have my identity back?

Robyn Elaine Serven said...

If you had taken the time to consider the point of view of transsexual people, would you have still used their identity for such sophomoric humor? The people at Daily Kos told you how wrong it was and the diary was pulled.

Why is it appropriate to use people's reality for something so unfunny?

Anonymous said...

So, homosexuality causes one to lose a sence of humor?

Hillary stole Edwards' name. The poster brought it up in an amusing way. They could have chosen to be angry like you, but they didn't.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Serven:
You and many of the rest of the Kosacks take yourselves too damn seriously.

Anonymous said...

It's probably important to realize three things before getting deeper into the bigot argument:
1.) The post first makes fun of guys who can't handle a women in power. Score one for political correctness.
2.) The satire here is directed towards how homogeneous Democratic candidates (like Hilary and Edwards) are, and how they are interchangeable. It's simply playing off the dumb, sexist sentiments of many Americans to set up the satire.
3.) No identity theft occurred here. Go to and you'll get the democratic party's website. It's a play on hyperlinks. However, Satan, I understand if you miss your spot as the top bad guy, and I hope you get your identity back soon - you were a little more gentle with it.