Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sen. Gronstal Drops F-Bomb on Iowans' VOICE

Republicans in Democrat Clothes???

Apparently there’s one thing Dick Cheney doesn’t own, and that’s the rights to dropping F-Bombs on Corporate Hill. Following in his footsteps, Iowa’s new Senate Majority Leader Mike “I’m Not a Crook” Gronstal dropped a “kiss my ass” coupled with an F-Bomb on VOICE activists at the state capitol yesterday.

Duck and Cover!!!

Now that’s leadership, eh?

According to news reports and eyewitness accounts, VOICE activists, who had gathered for an organized lobbying effort at the State House, cornered Gronstal and tried to engage him into a discussion about the fate of the VOICE bill, which has been stuck in committee. The one-sided discussion/lecture got a little heated, until an older activist threw kerosene on the fire and said, “Your nothing but a Republican in Democrat clothing.”

Now thems fightin’ words!

Duck and Cover!!!

“That's the lowest blow that anyone's ever dealt me. You can kiss my ass!"

Shocked and awed by Gronstal’s attack, the VOICE activists barely had enough time to wipe off the vulgar debris, before Gronstal pushed the button and dropped an F-Bomb on their unsuspecting heads.

Sen. Gronstal refused to talk to reporters and stomped off to his office. After giving himself a “Time Out” in his office, Senator Gronstal released the following statement:

“Someone called me a crook. I lost my temper and ended the conversation.”

Iowa Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal: "I'm not a crook!"

By crook, did Gronstal mean Republican?

Uh oh....Duck and Cover!!!

More Fallout: Gronstal’s F-Bomb Double-Doppler Tracker...

Watch video clip, “Tense Talk at Statehouse” (WOI TV-5)

Read & Take Action!: “Gronstal to Iowa Voters – F*ck You!” (Blog for Iowa)

My VOICE LTE: "Take special-interest money out of elections" (Des Moines Register)

F-Bomb Warning Signs: "Pass public financing for Iowa campaigns" (Des Moines Register)


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Yeah, it's a little disconcerting, to say the least, to drive 3 hours across the state to talk to our leadership and what happens? One of them tells us to F-off and the other one won't give us the time of day. I like the Ghandi quote on Public Campaign's website, "first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." Here's a quote for Gronstol and Murphy, "The greatest test of a man's character is not where he stands in times of comfort & convenience, but where he stands in time of challenge and controversey." --MLK, Jr

beeeep... this is a test of the Universal Broadcasting System... beeeeep....

Anonymous said...

I was at the VOICE, Voter Owned Iowa Clean Elections, Rally at the Iowa Capitol in Des Moines, IA on April 18th. My name is Rachel Griffiths and I am a member of Progressive Action for the Common Good: Election Reform forum. I was with the group of citizens talking with Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal about the fate of the VOICE Bill. We were out in the actual rotunda of the Capital. Visitors and school groups were touring. I was stunned when Senator Gronstal told one of the VOICE supporters to "Kiss My Ass." Senator Gronstal then left the group and walked about 15 feet away, he looked up to the top of the rotunda and SHOUTED "F*UCK YOU!" It was awful. I was shocked and actually embarrassed for him. Most of all his actions made clear to me just how much is at stake with Publicly financed Elections. "Big Money" stands to lose the ability to "buy" votes and top Party Fund-raisers stand to lose their power over legislatures who rely on campaign money from them! The incident also affirmed the need for Voters to join the push for Publicly financed elections so that we can take the influence of "Big Money" out of the decision making at the Iowa Capital.

Mama G said...

I wrote a letter in response when I heard of this.

To the Editor,

The Statehouse is a busy place. Many Iowans like to visit our beautiful Capitol. Among these Iowans are schoolchildren. Last week, a number of them were privileged to see exactly what kind of leadership our Iowa Senate displays when someone disagrees with them, or wishes them to act upon the behalf of what is best for Iowans. Sen. Mike Gronstal, in response to an VOICE activist attempting to gain support for voter owned elections, told this person to “kiss my ass.” He then proceeded to tell them to “fuck off”. Sen. Gronstal owes VOICE activists an apology. Sen. Gronstal must resign from any leadership positions he holds at the Capitol. Our EMPLOYEES must be held to a higher standard of behavior than trash talk. Mr. Gronstal REPRESENTS Iowa! Not the local gutter. If this is the only way that Mr. Gronstal can communicate his disagreement with an issue, than he has NO business representing Iowa. I am appalled and disgusted at his lack of manners. Someone needs to wash his mouth out with soap! Is this the kind of language we want children to hear at the Capitol by employees of the state? I think not. They hear enough of this kind of language elsewhere. Is this the kind of problem resolving skills we want children to learn? I think not. They see that plenty elsewhere.

Mr. Gronstal, SHAME ON YOU! Have the dignity to resign now before you disgrace the honorable position your employers entrusted to you any further!

Grand Junction

Unknown said...

It's such a relief to see a post like Rachel's, where the whole name is included and you actually get some context in the description of the situation. Thanks, Rachel! Blogs and comments are a lot more interesting and informative when you can tell who is talking.

Linda said...

Gronstal needs to resign and never hold another public office!

Sally G. said...

I'm amused by the self-righteous comments about Senator Gronstal's language, although he may wish he had used the words in a private setting. Actually, I found the words refreshing. Words I use when Bush, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Perle, Rice and Company make their hypocrital pronouncements.
Gronstal is an able senator and leader. So, back off boys and girls.
Sally G.

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