Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Presidential Hopeful Bayh Warns Democrats About Being Too Democratic

On the heels of forming a presidential exploratory committee, the Democratic Leadership Poster Boy, Evan Bayh, issued a warning to Congressional Democrats:

I WANT YOU to be very, very careful about being too Democratic. This is not the time for partisan politics, ideology, or representing your constituents and their ideologies. All I am saying… is “Give Centrism a Chance!” Top 5 Signs the Democrats are Being Too Democratic:

5. Voters can begin telling the difference between Republicans and Democrats

4. Merriam Webster adds “rule by the people” back to its dictionary

3. Sales of the K-Street version of Monopoly plummet

2. Ralph Nader announces he won’t make another run for President

1. The DLC (Democratic Leadership Corporation) files for Bankruptcy