Thursday, January 4, 2007

God Joins the “War on Toms”

Good news on the “War on Toms” warfront: God has joined forces with “Political Fallout” to help close the “Friend Gap.” Despite the rumor that the “My” in My Space indicates the possessive of My Space Tom, ‘Fallout sources confirm that God’s realm does indeed extend to all nooks and crannies of cyberspace. Sorry, My Space Tom. You may have nearly 150 million friends, but when God wasn’t busy helping Al Gore create the Internet, She helped create your friends.

As history has taught us, with God on our side, we cannot lose, right? I feel blessed God could take time out of Her busy schedule to help our cause. I can only imagine that spreading Democracy to formerly despotic lands must not only be physically exhausting but mentally taxing as well. Not to mention, with the new members of the 110th Congress swearing in today, I imagine God will be ready for a Spring Break vacation in South Padre come March.

Join God today and help us close the “Friend Gap”: