Sunday, April 29, 2007

Gag Me with a Silver Spoon, Laura Bush

I nearly gagged on my recycled spork when I saw a clip of Laura Bush on a “Today Show” interview, when she claimed nobody suffered more about the Iraq War than she and George. I strongly recommend putting down any eating utensils (including your bloody hands, Dick) before watching this video.

OMG! Like, gag me with a silver spoon, Laura. Did you just say nobody suffers more than you? OMG! Are you for real?

Even as a US Army veteran of the Cold War, I have better sense than to equate any or all of my suffering to someone who's serving in the Iraq War, let alone their family members who've been left behind.

Jim Hightower served up one of my favorite lines about President Bush when he said, “George Bush was born on third base, and thought he’d hit a triple.” Using this as a litmus test, I try imagining who, in their Christian Right mind, would marry someone who is completely oblivious.

And this leads me to one of my favorite Obi-wan Kenobi lines (from Star Wars IV: A New Hope and motif-in-progress for the ’08 Presidential Election): “Who's the more foolish: The fool, or the fool who follows him?” But before I begin pigeonholing our First Stepford Lady, maybe I should see if her projected compassion merits any truth.

Let’s ask*:

Michelle Barish, whose brother is serving in Iraq

Rose Forrest, who is about to be redeployed

Lindzi Bittinger-Baird, whose husband is being redeployed after serving the last 2.5 years in the Inactive Reserves

We can only pray to God (and I'm not talking about the God-fearing God, who stumbled upon George W. when he was stuck in Right field) that Laura’s doesn’t signal her hubby to steal home (code/mixed metaphor for attacking Iran).

*All videos are courtesy of the VideoVets Project. To learn more about the "VideoVets: Bring Our Troops Home" project and/or vote which video should be made into a commercial by Vietnam Veteran, Oliver Stone, go to the videovets site at


Anonymous said...

Excuse me while I make a shameless (but relevant) plug:

If you're in the Iowa City area today, May 1st, stop at the Ped Mall downtown to join the UI Antiwar Committee's "Missing May Day" protest against the Iraq War. There will be events all day until 10PM, including music, food, speakers, and peaceful activities. Area high schoolers (including myself) will be marching downtown from City High at 4 o'clock to join in. Please come by and help us show that we're against this war.

Anonymous said...

I wholeheartedly agree with 99.8% of things the Bush Admin. has done. That includes the war. You people are missing the point! Do you actually think Bush enjoys deploying our countries young men? I think not. Yes, it is devastating to families when loved ones are sent to war, but has it ever occured to you that Bush does not enjoy doing it? Think how he feels when he is forced to deploy young men. And to tell the truth, I believe that Bush is more against the war than any of you people will ever be. His job is not easy. 'Why would he declare war if he was against it?' you ask; Why? This country would be in shambles if Bush had not done what he did. Bush is the best president this country has ever seen/will ever see. Don't believe me? Wait until Obama or Hillary take office. Just wait.
-- A 14 year old supporter

Anonymous said...

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