Saturday, November 25, 2006

Invading Tom Vilsack’s MySpace

What could somebody like Tom Vilsack, Iowa Governor and presidential hopeful, have in common with somebody like me, a mere political satirist?

The answer: a 30-year old guy named Tom from Santa Monica, California -- who, by the way, could be the most popular man in the world, weighing in with a mere 133,070,457 friends on My Space. It helps that Tom is employed by My Space, but if the other Tom, the Vilsack Tom can tap into My Space Tom’s network of friends, befriend these folks and get them to vote for him in the ’08 election, President Vilsacks’s “Friend Space” will mushroom exponentially, possibly helping him surpass My Space Tom’s popularity. Fortunately for Vilsack, Santa Monica Tom won’t be old enough to run for president in ’08, otherwise Vilsack would have to reassess his friendship with Tom.

As a political satirist, it pays to get close to my subjects and see what makes them tick, or not tick as is the case with a number of elected politicians, so I joined My Space with the intent of infiltrating Vilsack’s Friend Space. I’ve taken the initial step by inviting myself to join Tom Vilsack’s network, but I have yet to be officially invited. I’m hoping it’s just the holidays. I’m sure, like most red-blooded American’s, Tom’s still recovering from a turkey binge.

Nonetheless, I’ve found all of the new attention on My Space quite flattering. I’m already hooked, and I need to score some more friends. Fast. I got a taste of one Tom, looking to suffice my addiction with a fix from another Tom, and who knows where my addiction will lead, possibly a job at My Space or in the Oval Office

But first, I must declare a “War on Toms” and close the “Friend Gap” on the Two Toms, starting with Vilsack Tom who has already logged 376 friends. Once I close this gap, I’ll set my sights on the My Space Superpower, Santa Clara Tom, who has already stockpiled enough friends to populate an island in Europe and take over the European Union.

I only have one friend, so I’m counting on you, dear reader and potential friend, to help me win this war. Go to My Space and join my Friend Network before it’s too late:

Your Friend,
T.M. Lindsey