Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tommy Thompson Proposes Demo-Socialism in Iraq

Former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson and GOP presidential contender paid a visit to the Peoples’ Republic of Johnson County on Sunday, stepping into the ring at Carver Hawkeye Arena. Hoping to get some “face time” in Iowa, Thompson was impressed that over 10,000 people showed up to see him: “I was truly amazed that so many people came out on a blustery Sabbath day just to hear what I had to offer.” (Note: Thompson’s handlers didn’t have the heart to tell him that most of the people were there to see the nationally televised game between the Hawkeyes and the Badgers of Wisconsin.)
Tommy Thompson thanks last year's Hayden Fry look-alike contest winner for coming out to support him.

After the game, Thompson went to the Wig & Pen Pizza Pub for “pizza” and more “face time” with all three registered Johnson County Republican voters. On Iraq, Thompson said, “A vote should be conducted to ask the Iraqi people whether they want the United States' presence in their country. The government should support a course that divides Iraq into separate nations or states, and then divide money from Iraq oil reserves between the government, separate states and individuals.”

So Tommy Boy wants to open up the vote to the Iraqi people as to whether we should stay or go? Sure sounds like Democracy, eh?

And he wants to divide Iraq into separate states and equally distribute all the cash flow from the oil reserves? Sure sounds like Socialism, eh?

I wonder if Tommy Boy would be willing to model this plan in the United States before outsourcing it to Iraq? First, we should conduct a vote, asking the American people whether we should stay or go in Iraq. Next, we could take all the money earmarked for the War in Iraq and divide it equally among the fifty states and individuals. This year alone, that would amount to roughly $3 billion dollars per state.

I think Tommy Boy is on to something here. Who knows, if this pans out, maybe we could give Democracy another chance to work in the United States.


John said...

We're down to two registered Republicans now that Jim Leach is teaching at Princeton...

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