Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Doc Fallout’s Spin Machine: Bush’s Disapproval Rating

Is today going to be partly sunny or partly cloudy? Is the glass half empty or half full? Is that idea half baked or fully baked? Are we winning or losing the War in Iraq? How you answer these questions depends or doesn't depend on how you view or don't view the world.

The same can said to be true or not to be true regarding how we view or don't view George W. Bush and the job he’s doing or not doing as our elected or supreme-court nominated President. Do we approve or disapprove of Bush’s performance? Are we satisfied or dissatisfied with Bush’s handling of affairs? Do we view Bush favorably or unfavorably?

Not a week goes by when we hear about or don’t hear about Bush’s approval rating, but is the word “approval” slanted and misleading or is it not slanted or misleading?

Doc’s Spin: Since we live in a Democracy or supposedly live in a Democracy, we should default or not default to the majority rule (depending on whether or not the Supreme Court has to interdict), especially when something can be clearly measured or clearly manipulated by polls. The latest polls show that Bush’s approval rating is hovering around the 35th percentile, while his disapproval rating lingers at the 60th percentile. Based on these numbers, it’s clear that the majority of Americans disapprove of Bush’s performance or fumbling of the presidency, so the media should call them Bush’s Disapproval Ratings, unless the tables should take a shocking turn for the worst or the best, then the media could revert to the Approval Rating.

Now for all of you optimists out there, no worries. If President Bush’s Disapproval Rate stays the course, you can say: “Golly, Bush’s disapproval ratings are going up.” And if you wondering how President Bush can tip the scales and resurrect his Approval Ratings, there’s always this to help keep your spirits up or dampened: