Sunday, April 8, 2007

Ruminations on Easter, Jesus, and Political Resurrection (Part II)

Jesus Under Attack (Part 2 of 3-part Trilogy)

While most Americans take time out on Easter Sunday to spend time with their families, attend church services, or participate in the pagan ritual of hunting for dyed eggs, Political Fallout would like to take time and pay tribute to the men and women of the armed forces, who have been sent over to Iraq as part of President Bush’s personal Crusade to spread Christianity in the guise of Democracy.

May Peace be with you, and may you return home swiftly and safely.

Speaking of home, President Bush returned home to his 1,600-acre sanctuary away from sin in Crawford Texas, where he has spent part or all of 409 days of his presidency. This is as many days as a typical tour of duty in Iraq, not including tour extensions and those serving their second, third, or fourth tour.

Shame, shame, King George. You may call yourself a born-again Christian of the evangelical sect, but I’m quite certain your Savior would not approve.

On the lighter side, Stan and Kyle finally learn the true story behind Easter and the Easter Bunny:

End Part II…