Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Iowa’s Minority GOP Demands Affirmative Political Action

Senate Republicans are demanding affirmative political action and have accused Governor Culver of regionalism in his Board of Regents appointments. Not one of the appointees is from western Iowa, home of the University of…?

Regionalist Governor Culver announces non-western Iowa Board of Regents to group of non-western Iowa media representatives.
Nobody said living the life of a minority is easy, even in the world of politics. No? Just ask gays, lesbians, bisexual, and transgendered persons in Iowa, who can’t even get basic protections against discrimination added to the state’s civil rights code. And now, having only suffered three harrowing months as the minority party, the Iowa GOP has had enough and intends to stand up for their rights. Senate Republicans have chosen Culver’s Board of Regents appointments as their target, and the epic battle for equality will take place in the Senate chamber. Unless of course Governor Culver is willing to concede one of his appointees before the battle begins, preferably throwing a Democrat under the GOP’s gauntlet. Better that than getting run over by Senator McCain's Straight Talkin' Pandering bus, I suppose.

Armed with her Gel Pen of Justice, Senate Minority Leader Mary Lundby is leading the historic charge, decrying: "We will insist that we have a western Iowa regent, preferably someone who is a physician.We would like to send a very clear message to the governor that we expect a western Iowa appointment. The concern about the regents not having a western Iowa regent is still a very strong concern." I wonder how Iowa’s Lundby would react if Culver appointed a gay physician from western Iowa?

Geographically, the four appointees hail from Des Moines, West Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, and Brooklyn. While central and eastern Iowa is represented, while the western part of the state gets the shaft. But so do the northern and southern regions. Not to mention all four corners of Iowa and Jim Nussle’s ubiquitous fifth corner were neglected by our Regionalist Governor.

It’s a good thing Iowa’s 82nd General Assembly has already solved all of the pressing issues in Iowa (other than Clean Elections, corporate hog lot control, Iowa’s current Health Care crisis, environmental issues, just to name a few), so they can focus entirely on Culver’s Regionalism issues.

The GOP may want to consider other solutions before drawing a line in the political sand. For instance, they should inspire a succession. Just as West Des Moines succeeded from Des Moines and created its own governing municipality, western Iowa should do the same. Western Iowa can formulate its own government leadership and build its own University. I’m sure Rep. Steve King’s son’s construction business would enjoy a no-bid contract to help build the University of Western Iowa.