Sunday, February 18, 2007

Giuliani Scores Hit on Sopranos’ Don

Rudy Giuliani's flexing his political muscle, first by landing Iowa’s formal congressional pimp, Jimmy the Hustler, and now he’s reeled in Hollywood Soprano, Brad Grey (left). Who do these Wiseguys think they are, the Goodfellas? Grey, chairman and CEO of Paramount, plans to raise money for Giuliani and will endorse Rudy next week. How he'll raise the money has yet to be disclosed, but we can only guess these Wiseguys will have some kind “suggestions” to parlay to their potential donors:

“What a nice family yous got here, Mr./Mrs. _________________. I would hate to see anything bad happen to ‘em if da wrong person were elected president of our country. You know what I’m sayin’ Mr./Mrs. ___________________? So how much should I put you down for our boy, Rudy?”

“Let me tell ya, freedom ain’t cheap. No siree. In fact, it looks like you could use some protection. You know what I mean (winks)? So what da ya say? How much protection you in for, huh?”

Rudy's Work-in-Progress Campaign Mottos:

“A Vote for Rudy Is a Vote for Both Yo’ Legs.”

“Rudy’s Fixin’ to Win"

“When the Boss Says ‘Vote Rudy,’ You Damn Well Better Vote Rudy”

“I’d Hate to See What Happens to You If You Don’t Vote for Giuliani”