Sunday, December 10, 2006

Invading My Space: The “War on Toms” (Update 1)

Tom Vilsack: 588 (376 on 11/25/06)

In an attempt to close the “Friend Gap” on My Space, I declared war on the Two Toms: Tom Vilsack and My Space Tom. Unfortunately the gap has only widened since Vilsack hit the campaign trial, making new friends in New Hampshire, Las Vegas, South Carolina, and other pit stops on the front end of the Presidential Caucus Trail of Tears.

My Space Tom: 137,796,640 (133,070,457 on 11/25/06)

Meanwhile My Space Tom keeps making new friends exponentially (nearly 4.5 million in 3 weeks), stockpiling friends for the post-War-on-Toms’ Era, when the cyber wall comes crumbling down.

T.M. Lindsey: 10 (1 on 11/25/06)

Although I just recently cracked the double-digit barrier on My Space, I plan on remaining optimistic, plugging away at the war effort. My friend count has risen 1000%, whereas Vilsack’s friend count has gone up only 36%, while My Space Tom has seen a mere 4.5% growth since the “War on Toms” began.

That said, please help me close the “Friend Gap” by becoming my dear friend and join the war effort: